Leaving Bangkok

This week was a quiet one as we spent most of our time preparing for the next adventure.

I’m Going To Miss Bangkok Popcorn

We still got out and ate some tasty meals and saw another movie.  I have to say that the Movie Popcorn in Bangkok is the Best Popcorn in the World!!! I’ve been to the cinemas in NZ, Australia, Hawaii, L.A. & London and none of those places even come close to the quality of Popcorn in Bangkok.  They have a choice of Salt, Pizza, Caramel or Cheese… The Cheese Popcorn is Amazing. We watched them make it… Fresh popcorn poured into a giant plastic bag, then the real cheese powder in sprinkled in and then the bag is shaken up by a Kung Fu Master to ensure the flavour is spread evenly on every popped kernal. They also filter out all the unpopped crap so the end result is big, fluffy, cheesy goodness.  The Caramel Popcorn is also top quality so we generally get a giant buck with both flavours. It sounds like an odd combination but it works surprisingly well.

Too Many Options

We spent a lot of time researching Europe. Trying to decide which countries to visit and in which order. Paris was at the top of the list but then it flooded, very serious flooding which shut down a lot of areas that we were hoping to visit.  We will keep an eye on the situation and then decide if we still go there or not.  We also want to visit Croatia, Rome, Venice, Barcelona and more.  Making a final decision and booking tickets is taking longer than it should.  We are only spending 3 weeks in Europe so it’s hard select what to do on this visit.

Moving Down The Road

We moved out of our Apartment for the last 3 days of our stay in Bangkok. Booking into a fancy hotel on the edge of Sathorn.  It was a nice room and a change of scenery.  There wasn’t much around it so we ate at the hotel for the next couple of nights.  On our last night we went to the rooftop bar and had Tapas.  The 360 degree view was fantastic and it was a nice relaxing way to spend our last night before the long flights to L.A.