FMD MMA Bangkok Party Time

FMD Is MMA in Thailand

Full Metal Dojo (FMD) put on their 11th show this weekend and it was everything they promised it would be.  The FMD Crew are working hard in Bangkok to help build MMA in Thailand and they are doing an Awesome job at it.  I first met the guys while in Phuket on holiday and was invited to Judge while I was in town.  Meeting FMD in January 2016 helped guide me towards using Bangkok as a base for my travels.

Here’s a run down of my week working on FMD11 in Bangkok.

The FMD MMA Website

FMD are extremely active in promoting MMA in Thailand and continually travel to other events in other Asian Countries to support the sport, the fighters and other promotions.  My Facebook feed is always showing posts from FMD promoting their events and the local fighters. They do such a great job of Social Media it surprised me when I checked out the official website and it was not up to date.

I kept an eye on it for a few weeks and still nothing. It was starting to drive me crazy. These guys are doing so many things right but the website had been forgotten about. I reached out and offered to help. We had a quick meeting at The Clubhouse and I learned that they had the same problem most companies have… They were so busy with all the other responsibilities of growing and promoting MMA that the website was last on their list.

Websites are my thing and I especially enjoy working on Martial Arts and Sports websites so I had to get involved.  Thankfully the person that originally setup had done a great job by using WordPress and what I believe to be the best Theme available. He had also been systematic in the build and labeled everything correctly. It’s the cleanest website I’ve ever stepped into for an update and it made things a whole lot easier.

FMD MMA Website

The website is now current and will remain that way reflecting everything FMD are doing to promote MMA.  As a shameless plug… Anybody reading this that needs a website or needs there website updated/rebuilt please contact me via this website or

Even The Weigh-Ins Are Entertaining

Normally weigh-ins for smaller shows are low-key with all the fighters and their teams hanging around complaining about how thirsty and hungry they are. If a fighter misses weight it drags on waiting for a 2nd weight check.  Most fighters disappear as soon as they’ve done a Fighter Face Off. In general it’s normally systematic and boring.

FMD even manage to make the Weigh-Ins a fun event.  Held in a private room in The Clubhouse the fighters weighed in and did their Fighter Face Offs while surrounded by Ring Girls and with the Face of FMD Jon A. Nutt in the middle striking poses along with the fighters. Some fighters dressed to impress and others had tension rising high but most were relaxed and confident ready to battle their opponents in the Cage.

FMD MMA WeighinsWhile in the crowd taking photos I met a Swedish Guy and started chatting. He introduced me to his friends and the next few hours became a blur.  We had drinks after the weigh-ins while meting more people in the crowd and then I bumped into Tommy Hayden (UFC Veteran). After a few more drinks a group of us decided we need to play Pool.

The walk to the Pool Tables led us through the notorious Soi Cowboy… Guys, If you’re self esteem is ever feeling low then just take a walk down this street and you’ll feel like the most popular guy in the world as dozens of young Asian girls try to hold your hand, stroke your arm, call you “Sexy” and “Big Guy”. It’s all a ploy to get your money but it does stroke your Ego and put a smile on your face.

We eventually found the Pool Hall and carried on drinking.  This was exactly the kind of night I needed.  I’m enjoying travelling around but I miss a few good friends back in Australia that would have enjoyed this night.  I was at that perfect level of relaxed drunkenness where my Pool playing skills were at peak performance.  I finished the night without losing a game and had made 5 new friends.

The usual Taxi BS happened while trying to get home. I get in a taxi and the guy asks where to. When I finally manage to explain where I need to get to he asks for 400Bht. I say that’s crap but I’ll give him 100, he counters at 250, I counter at 100, he counters at 220, I counter at 100, He sticks to 220 and I tell him it’s either 100bht or stop the taxi and let me out… He stopped the taxi.  I’d made it 1km closer to home and didn’t pay him anything.  Another taxi pulls up straight away and I get in. He asks “Where To?”and instantly starts the meter running. A nice simple trip straight to my apartment and the meter reads 59bht… I was so appreciative of this guy not being a Dick that I gave him 100bht and thanked him.

Fight Day: MMA & A Party

Saturday it was all on. The usual pre-show routine. I’m in a new Country but it’s always the same (almost) with me turning up on time which is hours before the show and helping out wherever I can.

Something new was the filming of a 360 degree movie of an MMA Fight. Two Female MMA Fighters performed a choreographed fight scene about a dozen times as the camera crew were getting all the angles they needed. It was interesting to watch and hopefully I’ll get to see the finished product one day… I may even be in it as I was working the Cage Door to help out.

FMD11 360 Movie

Finally the doors open for FMD11: SWEEP ALL THE LEGS and the crowd starts building.  The venue is Insanity Nightclub and it’s  great size for this event (similar to Eternal’s shows in the Cooly Hotel but with a higher ceiling and better lighting) it’s dark, loud and intimate with the crowd right up against the cage.

FMD MMA Jon A NuttThe event opens as always with the promoter Jon Nutt storming into the building with Enter Sandman blasting and him  doing Karaoke as he walks through the crowd and into the cage firing up the crowd. He follows it up with an intro of the nights fightcard and then sings the National Anthem in Thai. You can see why the local crowd love these events.

I sat with the FMD Girls for the first four fights. I had to sit somewhere close but out of the way and it seemed like the best spot. Then it was my time to get to work and Judge the remainder of the Fights.  I’m always focused and was scoring it with notes on significant points in the action.  I like the scoring system used here in Asia. FMD and One Championship use the same system.  I did my job for each fight but never had to make a decision as every fight had a Winner. One unfortunate fighter had to stop due to a torn bicep but other than that everything ran smoothly.

FMD MMA Judge AJ Perry

After The Show Is My Party Time

With the show over and the cage being broken down it’s now my time to join the party and knock back a few drinks. I’d been too busy working and staying close to the cage that I’d hardly drunk anything during the show so the first two Long Island Ice Teas went down very quickly.

I met up with my new Swedish Expat Friends and we demolished a Pizza in the V8 Lounge outside of Insanity Nightclub.  The conversation was flowing and so were the drinks. I polished off a couple more Long Islands before switching to Bourbon & Coke. An hour later we walked back into Insanity and you would never know an MMA Event had just occurred there. The place was packed and the dance floor was pumping. The VIP passes allowed us to hang on the raised level which was perfect for people watching.

FMD MMA After Party at Insanity Nightclub

Eventually the adrenalin and excitement was being overtaken by a lack of sleep and I decided to call it quits and go home. Of course I had the same Taxi BS as always but got home for 59baht around 4am. My wife was still up  watching a TV marathon. At 4:30am I went to bed before her, I don’t know how she does it.

The After After After Party

The following morning FMD were throwing their After After After Party at The Clubhouse to watch UFC199 at 7am in the morning… I did not make it!

My Un-Official Birthday Weekend

That was my weekend and it was only a couple of days before my 44th Birthday so I’m considering it as my unofficial party weekend. It was just what I needed… Drinks, Pool, MMA, Pizza, Drinks, New Friends.