A Quiet Week In Bangkok

This week has been very quiet.  My wife unfortunately got food poisoning which elvolved into a bad infection and she was stuck in the apartment from Sunday till Friday.  Our landlord is a Doctor and thankfully a shot and some antibiotics have finally got her up and about and smiling again.

Most of my week was spent quietly working on client’s websites while my wife slept.  I only left the apartment for food and water runs and the occasional swim to clear my head and take a break.

Exploring Bangkok Shopping Centres

I was going a little stir crazy stuck at home so this weekend I went out and wandered around a bunch of shopping centres… MBK, Siam Paragon, Siam SquareOne and Terminal 21.  They all have great Food Courts but one of the highlights for this week was some street food outside of MBK.  A little stall with some perfectly coked Crispy Pork Belly.

Bangkok 16 Crispy Pork

Now that I’ve seen a few shopping centre’s I have to say Terminal 21 is my favorite so far.  It has a  lot of smaller unque stores on the upper levels.  Most of the t-shirts don’t fit me because the largest size they have is XL and in Asia I tend to be an XXL (in the U.S. I buy Large and it’s a good fit).

Bangkok 10 AJs JeansI’ve spent most of my money on food and drinks because there’s not much spare space in my suitcase…

However, today I got a new pair of jeans which I think are cool.  A friend living in Japan said not to wear them in Japan because only low level Yakuza wear clothes like this…

I think as an Older White Guy that nobody will get me confused with being a Yakuza member so I’ll wear them with pride everywhere except Japan lol.

They also have some funny shop names around here (I’m not sure if it’s on purpose or if it’s due to a lack of understanding in English translation).  I think I’ll start a collection of photos as I find more of them. The best so far are “He She It” and “Rocker Sucker Fucker”, both are clothing stores.  R.S.F. had some cool gear but I’m not comfortable wearing swear words this big and bold on me.

Bangkok 15 Terminal 21

Also A Big Weekend For MMA & BJJ

It’s been a great weekend for watching MMA on TV (via Online Streaming). Friday night was OneFC Singapore which had one of the best WMMA Fights I’ve seen.  Angela Lee Vs Mei Yamaguchi has to be seen to be believed, great skill and great heart from both woman.

Note: I’ve been approved to work cage side at the upcoming OneFC Bangkok Event later this month and then Judge at the FMD Event in June which is really exciting.  I’m extremely grateful to be able to continue doing what I love while I’m here in Asia. A Huge “Thanks” goes out to Olivier Coste (OneFC) and Jon A Nutt (FMD)

Bangkok 14 Cope De BangkokOn Saturday morning I went to National Stadium to watch the Cope De Bangkok BJJ Comp.  It was great watching the local guys and girls competing.  Also caught up quickly with friends I met in Phuket while Judging at the FMD Event.  Their students collected a lot of medals on the day.  I’ll drop in to “The Fight Lab” soon to roll with them.

Then on Sunday morning Invicta FC 17 saw the young Australian Megan Anderson destroy another opponent at the bell of the first round.  I Judged most of Megan’s fight in Qld before she signed to Invicta and she always made it an easy night for me with her quick finishes.  She’s still young and I’m sure she will get an Invicta Title Belt soon.

Now I’m watching UFC Fight Night Rotterdam but may not stay awake to watch the main card as it’s midnight here in Bangkok and the Main Event is still an hour away.

Still Need To Visit The Snake Bar

Now that my wife is almost better I’m hoping we can check out the Bar with the girls dancing with snakes in Patpong.  I also want to go back to Tonkotsu Kazan for another Ramen.  I still have a lot of client work to get done but will start looking up some sights to see while we are here.  I’m not sure where to start but there’s plenty to see so it’s going to be a lucky dip on where we get to over the next week 😉

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