2016 is going to be a year for Adventure!

My wife and I are renting out our house and travelling the World, staying in different cities for a couple of months.  This will be our working/roaming lifestyle for at least the next 12-18 months, maybe much longer.

We have never tried this before but because we work online we have the flexability to live and work anywhere so it seems crazy to not do this.

I have already made some contacts in Asia and the U.S. so I can continue Judging at MMA Events as I travel.  I look forward to working with diffent MMA Promotions and expanding on my experience as one of Australia’s most recognized MMA Judges to becoming a truely International MMA Judge.  Travel plans over the next 12-18 months will be decided as opportunities present themselves.

This adventure is starting with living in Bangkok for April and May 2016 with plans to move to the U.S. in June but nothing is locked in and can change at any moment.

I will still be running my Website Design and Online Marketing Businesses and also Writing more books.  Although we will be travelling and experiencing living in new cties I am confident that there will be less distractions as we live simply (just a suitcase and a laptop) and can remain focussed on getting more work done.

I’ll keep adding updates on how this experimental lifestyle is progressing so check back to see where we are and what we are doing.