Aaron J. Perry's Resume

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I have worked with some of the largest companies around and that experience has allowed me to see the big picture and taught me how to refine focus to the truly essential elements that give the greatest impact.

The goal of Marketing is to create awareness while the role of Branding is to build a Raving Fan Base that loves and supports your vision.  Marketing and Branding need to work together with the same End Goal.

When everything is inline and supporting that core priority then you gain true loyalty from your ideal clients… You can achieve more with less (Less but Better)

A combination of storytelling to the right people with the right message can minimize your marketing spend while creating a viral reach to a like minded tribe.




I initially entered the work force as a Commercial Interior Designer working on Hotels, Shopping Centres and Restaurants.  The roll out of a new brand image for KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell was my first experience working with an International Brand.  This project gave me great insight to the overall concept of branding on a global scale. 

After that experience I transitioned into a Sales & Marketing role with Laminex Industries.  Focusing on Architectural Sales it was an easy shift in a creative field helping bridge the gap between product and designer.

With my interest in marketing I began absorbing information and that lead me to creating my own information products for Martial Arts Instructors.  Building my own brand from scratch with a minimal budget lead to me learning website design, copywriting & online marketing.  Since it’s first release the “Martial Games For Kids” products have helped hundreds of Martial Arts Instructors around the World to attract more students and grow their business.  This lead to me becoming a top selling author on Amazon for Kids Martial Arts books.

In 2017 my wife and I decide to take a year traveling while I continued to work part time online.  We spent 3 months touring through England, Spain, Italy & America.  We settled down in Bangkok, Thailand for 9 months as a home base and continued with short trips to Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, Japan & Indonesia.

While living in Asia I was kept busy working as an International MMA Judge.  This is something I have been doing in Australia since 2009.  I met a lot of great people and continue to work on select shows in Asia.

Since 2015 I have been the Marketing and Brand Manager for KICKS After School Pty Ltd.  KICKS is an alternative to traditional after school care in Sydney.  I helped redesign their branding to make them stand out from the crowd.  Changing the public perception of KICKS as a Day Care to becoming the leading After School Program in their area.

Managing the Branding and Marketing of KICKS After School (KAS) and KICKS Martial Arts (KMA) has been a great experience. Having full control of every aspect has been a challenge but highly rewarding. Taking the initial KAS location and developing systems and marketing to grow it and then Franchise the Business in NSW.  Branding and Marketing for KMA was then created as an additional income stream within the same location.

Because this was a startup I created all of the branding, logos, websites, social media, copywriting, ad graphics, flyers and the franchisee resource website. Continually adding new technology to manage automation and train staff on CRM, follow up and sales techniques.

I never stop learning and continually look for ways to stay at the cutting edge of marketing, branding and copywriting.

My strengths are seeing the big picture. Understanding the true goal of a business and pulling the focus back to that One Main Priority that will generate the Biggest Profit/Impact.