Bangkok, Thailand – Insights From Week One

Leaving Australia

Our last couple of days in Brisbane were filled with tasty meals, drinks and catching up with friends. We had our last meal with a couple of friends (Mai, Dieu & Trang) at Gasworks in Brisbane and then were dropped off at the airport. The trip went quickly (still 14 hours, but no delays). Because we were borderline on the baggage weight limits and tired I didn’t bother picking up Duty Free Alcohol in Brisbane, I thought I’d get it in Singapore while waiting for our next flight.  This turned out to be a mistake as we landed in Singapore 20mins after our next plane had started boarding so we quickly raced to the next plane and went straight on. When we arrived in Bangkok we got our bags and got through Customs very quickly. Our shuttle driver was already waiting for us and we went straight to the apartment at “The Address” which my wife had booked via AirBnB.

So, there were no delays which was awesome but I now regret not picking up a couple of Duty Free bottles of Bourbon because good Spirits in Bangkok are more expensive than Australia.  Hopefully if any Friends come to visit us they will bring me a bottle of Bourbon (Woodford Reserve, Wild Turkey, Jim Beam, Jack Daniels, Bookers, Bakers, etc… Any one of those would be great right now)

Our New Backyard

In Brisbane we lived in a 4 Bedroom House in a quiet street around 5km from the city. Our new home is on the 25th floor of a new Apartment Building in Sathorn. Our view from the 25th floor looks out across the City of Bangkok and at the new Maha Nakon building which looks like it’s been pixeled.  We also have access to 2x pools, 2x gyms, steam room & sauna. The BTS is a short walk away and this can take us to almost anywhere we want to go for about $1 per trip.

Bangkok 02 Rooftop View

When the weather cools down a little more I look forward to sitting on the balcony at night and reading a book or having a bourbon and just enjoying the view of the city.

Getting Settled in Bangkok Bangkok 03 Shopping

The first couple of days were the most expensive as we got a few neccesities in order. We got new SIM Cards for our phones. 4GB of Data for 30 days for approx AU$16. Next we got our 40 Trip BTS Cards so we can get around the City. We also put money onto our Rabbit Card which is like a Debit Card (Same card used for the BTS) which can be used to buy food at MBK Shopping Centre and at McDonalds and a bunch of other places. The benefit is that it cuts down on the amount of coins I always seem to collect while travelling.

Local Entertainment in Bangkok

My wife and I went to the Cinema to see the new Captain America movie “Civil War”. We went VIP Style because it’s on AU$11, comfy seats, smaller theatre and you even get a complimentary drink on arrival and a blanket incase you get cold during the movie. It’s kind of like flying business class haha.

We haven’t been to any GoGo Bars yet but will do that next week. As we were walking through Patpong looking for food were saw a Bar the specialises in Girls Dancing with Snakes so that is on the top of my list to check out when we catch up with frinds in a few days. As we walked past they were playing my favourite song by “Tito and Turantula” from the “From Dusk Till Dawn” Movie which was perfect (If you know the movie, you’ll know what I mean).

Bangkok Comic Con

I’ve never been to a Comic Con or SupaNova Event so I wasn’t sure what to expect. We saw it advertised on the BTS and decided we should check it out. I mainly wanted to see people dressed up in their Cosplay. Some Brisbane friends joined us for the day and it was great fun.

Bangkok 07 Comic Con

I took more photos/selfies that day than I normally would in months. There were a lot of fun exhibitions and the Cosplay Contestants were great. I felt sorry for the MC’s at the Cosplay Competition because the Bangkok Comic Con crowd was very quiet and reserved but the level of Cosplay was high.

Bangkok 08 Comic Con AJ

I got some great photos on the “Game of Thrones” Throne and the Hulk snuck up on me. My wife fell in love with a giant Pikachu and was smiling for hours. It was a great experience and now We are planning to attend the Comin Con in Las Vegas while we are there in June.

Food Glorious Food

Whenever I travel I eat whatever I can find that looks new and tasty. I need to remember that I’m not on a 2 week holiday where I can go crazy, I’m now travelling for a year or more so I need to pace my intake. Luckily most meals in Asia a smaller (unlike USA meals) so I’m sampling a lot of great food.

Bangkok 05 Asian Meals

Bangkok 04 Ramen Menu

So far the highlight is Tonkotsu Kazan Ramen in Silom, Bangkok. The best Ramen I’ve had since a previous trip in China about 6 years ago. We were wandering around the Silom Night Markets when I spotted a Ramen Shop with a Volcano graphic on the window. I’m so glad I picked this place, the food was amazing and we’ll be going back soon for more.

Most of the local food is 50-150 baht which is AU$2-$6. Mainly rice and noodle dishes with a small serve of chicken or pork.

I’ve also tracked down a NY Style Pizza place nearby which sells it by the slice so if I’m in the mood for some cheesy goodness I can always go there.  I haven’t had a Burger here yet because most of the good burgers are AU$12-$16.

Avoid Western Food To Save Money

Bangkok 06 NY PizzaBasically anything that is considered Western food is similar or more expensive to Western pricing. At the local Supermarkets most Cereals are more expensive & Honey is super expensive. A jar of Strawberry Jam cost me AU$6 (The Honey was AU$12).

As I mentioned anything like a Burger or Pizza is two or three times the price of an asian meal. Surprisingly premix bottles of Smirnoff Vodka are cheaper than Coffee so my wife can’t complain about me drinking them. However I need to plan ahead because you can’t buy any alcoholic drinks from the supermarket/bottle shop before 5pm… It’s not that I want to get drunk before 5pm but I’d like to be able to buy it during the day so I can drink it on the balcony when I get home later in the day.


Note: I wish I drank Beer because that’s cheaper and easier to get but I still can’t stand the taste of beer or wine.

Getting Work Done

Due to the nature of the Thailand Lifestyle I’m getting into a good routine of working in the morning and then heading out around 2pm for lunch and to tour the City. Nothing really opens before 10am so there is no point in leaving the apartment before then.

The internet speeds are good here so I’m busy working on building some new websites for clients right now. Next week I’ll get back on track writing my new Kids Book Series which has been “On Hold” for far too long.

Bangkok 09 Comic Con King AJGoals For Next Week…

I’m still finding my way around and enjoying finding new local treats. The main things on my to-do list for the coming week include:

  • Drinks at the GoGo Bar with the Girls & Snakes
  • More Tasty Food
  • Watching UFC at the Pub on Sunday
  • More swimming in the Rooftop Pool

Other than that I’ll just see what comes up as this adventure continues 🙂

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