Email Marketing With Aweber

Email Marketing is possible the most cost effective marketing available.  If you can build a mailing list of customers that want to hear from you then you can produce almost instant income by sending a good email.  Most companies avoid this type of marketing because they either don’t know what to write or how to send bulk emails to customer lists.  If you already have a customer list you are crazy for not contacting them when it’s incredibly simple to do so.

I started email marketing in 2007 having done my homework I noticed all the top guys were using Aweber.  Almost a decade later I am still using Aweber above all others.  They have maintained very high standards to prevent their services being used by spammers and hence they are trusted by all the major email handlers… This means they have one of the highest delivery rates in the industry… Put bluntly, your emails shouldn’t end up in your customers Spam Folder if you use Aweber to deliver them for you!

I’ve had many customers try to take the cheap option with services like MailChimp but the Free Service quickly turns into an Expensive Service as the size of your Customer List increases.  Aweber have a modest monthly fee for small businesses to get started and a yearly fee if you’re ready to take your email marketing seriously.

Here are two links to help you learn more about Aweber and Email Marketing…



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