Before I Leave There’s One More Thing To Do…

And then another and another and another…

It seems never-ending at times. My wife and I have been working non-stop to prepare for the adventure of a lifetime. Every time we finish something there are two more things that need to be done but I know we are getting closer day by day.

The Garage Sales

Before Travel 02Having multiple Garage Sales has been an education in human behaviour and cultural stereotypes. We have met some great people that have offered travel suggestions when we explained why we are selling all of our stuff. We have also met some people that I wanted to physically remove from the property.

One family spent an hour picking up every item to ask what it is and how much… even though it was clearly not something they want or need they would consider it for a couple of dollars.  they spent over an hour barganing down every item and then putting it in a box. At the end they then asked how much for the whole box… We tallied up all the items at the agreed prices and gave them the total… Then they start haggling on that price.  Luckily a friend was helping us that day and they dealt with these people because I wanted to take the box away from them and just tell them to get lost… I’d rather throw the box in the rubbish than let these miserable time-wasting idiots leave with my stuff.  I’ve worked in Sales for many years but have never had to deal with a family this annoying.  they came back again the following week because this is obviously their quality family time.

The bonus of these garage sales is that we have shed a heap of stuff that we didn’t use or need. We had collected way too much stuff over the years.

I’m looking forward to living out of a suitcase for the next year or more. Moving from Country to Country and around different Cities with just a suitcase and a laptop.

The Ongoing Repairs

Before Travel 03Before Christmas I spent 2 months repairing a rental property to sell it. It took longer than I’d anticipated as it need a lot of work done. i painted the entire inside and outside of the house in new colours, built new garage doors, repaired windows and other areas of the house that had decayed over time, even did landscaping to boost the garden.  At the end the house was in better condition than when my wife and I lived in it.

My body was sore from 2 months of painting and climbing up and down a wobbly ladder on the 2 story house. I thought it was over but next came the repairs on the house we live in, needing to get it ready for tenants.  It’s funny how we only do these things when we have to. They should have been done earlier but would always be put off for something else more fun than working weekends.

This house required some painting and repairing the rotten railing around our decks. Thankfully it was quick and reasonably painless compared to the previous house but I really can’t wait to just get on a plain and leave everything behind.

Almost Ready To Fly

The rapairs are done and the house has been emptied down to the essentials for us to live by until we need to move out. We have the house listed and will hopefully find a tenant in the next few weeks.

Before Travel 05I’m still busy working on websites for clients and Judging MMA events around Qld, Australia. Next month I should be sitting by the pool in Bangkok, writing my new kids series of books and Judging at some top Asian MMA Events. It feels like it’s taken forever to get to this point but a friend recently comment that they were amazed how quickly we have changed our lives to go travelling the World.

First stop is Bangkok, thailand and we may visit Tokyo in June before heading to the U.S or U.K.  Our plans are still very open to allow for making the most of opportunities as they arise.

I’m also thinking about writing a book about this whole experience. Friends have actually suggested it because they want a record of where I go and what I eat.  If I do it, it will be all about Food, Flights and Fights 🙂