A Quick Note On Local Ribs n Rubs

Anyone that know’s me knows I love American BBQ and Massages. Not at the same time but both on the same day is always a Great Day!  Here are my suggestions for both in The Sathorn/Silom area of Bangkok.

The Smoking Pug

I just ordered the Full Rack of Baby Back Pork Ribs. It’s a good sized meal served with some Beans, Corn Bread and Slaw.  There’s some Fried Onion Strings as a garnish (they need more of these on the plate).  Overall it’s a good meal for two to share.

The Smoking Pug

The dimly lit Blues Bar vibe is perfect for a BBQ Feast. The Bar is small and intimate with a selection of Blues Rock filling the space. Of course there are Pug pics around the Bar. They also have some great homemade sauces on the table, I recommend the Carolina sauce.  Check out the pics on their facebook page The Smokin Pug.  For a night of Blues Music, Bourbons and Ribs this place is spot on.

Lady Brett

This place is conveniently opposite my apartment in Sathorn which is a bonus.  It’s like a quiet old Speakeasy with refined American BBQ flavours.  My wife and I ordered the Pork Ribs, Pulled Pork Burger and Truffle Fries.  A great combination that we’ll get again.

Lady Brett 01

The meals are smaller here than at The Smoking Pug but I felt the Ribs were more tender and succulant at Lady Brett.  The Pulled Pork Burger was also spot on with flavour and the Fries were the nicest I’ve had so far in Bangkok (not that I’ve eating many fries while in Thailand but they were good).  For a classy meal packed with American Flavour this place is hard to beat.

It’s hard to pick a Winner… I suggest trying both places, you won’t be disapointed at either one.

And Now For The Rub…

I know Bangkok is famous for the variety of “Massages” available but since I’m happily married I’ll leave it for others to comment on where you should go for those.  For an actual massage without a “Happy Ending” here is my review on two places I’ve tried in Sathorn…


I’ve been told this is one of the best in Bangkok but I think they meant it’s the most successfully marketed.  It’s located at the end of my street in Sathorn so after walking past it a dozen times I finally went in with my wife to get a Thai Massage.

HealthLand 01

We had to come back 90mins later because they were too busy when we first walked in.  There were shuttle buses dropping off tourists.  The reception area was mayhem with people everywhere.  We paid one lady who then pointed us to another lady who then took us up in the lift to point us to another set of ladies.  The place felt more like a Massage Factory than an Upmarket Spa.

The Thai Massage was was pretty good at AU$24 for 2hrs but then they pressured us to give them a tip.  The massage was good but the atmosphere was terrible and I felt like I’d just walked into a tourist trap. My suggestion is to skip this place and walk down the road to “King And I”

King And I Spa & Massage

This place is polar opposite from HealthLand.  From the moment you walk in you are greeted and lead to a comfy chair in the quiet reception area.  A chilled herbal drink arrives and you’re given a form to write down your details and highlight the areas you need massaged most.  There is no rush and when you are ready they lead you to the lift to the upper floor.  The lift doors open to reveal a decorative stone river with wooden stepping stones to your private room.

King And I Spa 01

My wife and I both got an Oil Aromatherapy Massage.  They currently have a special at 90mins for AU$30.  One of the best massages I’ve had in ages.  There is a shower in each private room so you shower before the massage (a bonus for the masseuse when clients come in off the street covered in sweat)  then you can get the oil off after your massage.

After your massage you return back down to the waiting area and enjoy a relaxing herbal tea before wandering home.  Everything about King And I is calming and stylish.  I’ve been returning here weekly and it’s been a great experience every time.