It’s no secret that I love Hawaii and I’m heading back there again to take a break and recharge my batteries.

The new kids book series I’m writing is set around the Hawaiian Islands so technically this could be considered a work trip as I scout locations for Axl-Jay’s Adventures.

Hawaii feels more like home every time I go there and I can’t wait to eat at some favorite meals (Loco Moco, Prime Rib, Brown Sugar Ribs, etc) and try out some new dishes I’ve selected from viewing Yelp.

I’ll be adding plenty of food pics and scenery pics on Instagram and Facebook so if you follow me you’ll see it all over the next couple of weeks.

If you’ve never been to Hawaii then I suggest you start making plans.  I’ll add my own custom travel tips on this site soon for friends to download before visiting Oahu.  I recently shared my tips with a friend and she did everything on my list and had a blast… maybe I’ll run tour groups there in the future 😉