My Social Life Revolves Around Travel, Food and Martial Arts…


I love to Travel. It’s a chance to see new things, have new adventures and eat new foods.

My wife and I currently travel twice a year for relaxing holidays, hopefully more often when we can find the time in the future.  It’s the best way to recharge your batteries and take a break from everyday living.

I fell in love with the Hawaiian Islands when I first went there as a 7yo kid.  Since the first visit I’ve now been there 8 times and counting. I plan to get an apartment in Waikiki soon as an investment and as a place to stay for longer vacations with my wife.

We’ve also travelled around China, Vietnam, Thailand, America, Canada and New Zealand.  Future trips include Europe, Japan and South America.

Before every trip my wife finds some adventure activities to do while I search for new places and foods to eat.

Travelling can get expensive but it’s a great way to broaden your horizons and put life in perspective. Whenever you can afford it take some time off and get away from home. It is always worth it.

Food, Glorious Food!!!

I love Food. Especially while travelling. Before any holiday I spend weeks looking on websites and Yelp search for places to eat where we will be staying.  On a recent trip to New York I made a list of 18 places I wanted to try but we were only there for 8 days. We still managed to get to almost half of them while also discovering other places as we wandered around Manhatten.

In general I live a healthy lifestyle and balance out the large tasty meals with smaller healthier ones during the week as well as regular gym session to stay in shape.  I believe the key to enjoying life is finding that balance in all areas including food.

I’m a huge fan of American slow cooked BBQ and I personally make the best Buffalo Wings in Australia. I eat a lot of healthy meals to balance things out but I never post healthy food pics on Facebook or Instagram because that would be boring.

Ps. I can’t wait for my next trip back to Hawaii for some classic Loco Moco and fresh Ahi Poke.

Official MMA Judge

A lot of my life has revolved around my interest in Martial Arts.

While travelling around Australia I was invited to be a guest Judge at an MMA Event in Townsville, Qld. I had a great time sitting cageside and the Promoter and Referee liked the way I studied and scored the fights. I was soon invited to Judge at another event in Brisbane.

I then joined as a founding member of Mixed Martial Arts Australasia and became an Official MMA Judge. I have now Judged at over 80+ MMA Events around Australia.  I have now worked as an Official Judge on over 1,100+ MMA match ups.

The pressure is always on to stay focussed and score fairly (there is no favoritism shown for friends) but I love my role as Judge. It’s the best seat in the room. Click the link to Download AJ’s MMA Judge Resume

Always Take Some Time Out

I spend a lot of my time sitting at a desk in front of my computer either designing websites, marketing/sales funnels and writing articles and books so it’s important to take time out during the day and on weekends to strecth and get my body moving.

I was born with a hole in my heart which was eventually operated on when I was 17yo (after I had collapsed on my way to the breakfast table) so I make it a point to stay active and not just kck back on the couch.

It’s not always easy finding time but I’ve been fortunate enough to design my work so that I can workout at the gym while most people are working and when on holiday I always find adventures to help burn off the excess of food I eat while travelling.

The key to staying in shape is finding activities you enjoy and then being consistent about enjoying them.

My Business Life Revolves Around Marketing, Design, Writing & Martial Arts…

Website Design 808

I started working online back in 2004. I had written a book that I wanted to share with Martial Arts Instructors and decided that a website was the best way to promote it cheaply.   I couldn’t afford to pay for a website designer so I learned to build my own.

I have always enjoyed designing and creating things from scratch. Website design has change a lot over the past decade and I’ve continually expanded on my knowledge to stay at the front end of what’s possible and what works for online business.

In 2014 I launched which encompases both my Website Design Business and my Marketing Business.  For more infomation check out the official website here…

Marketing 808

After building my own websites the next step was learning how to Market them to attract visitors/customers.

I want to keep the prices of my books affordable for everyone which meant I didn’t have a large profit margine, which also meant I didn’t have much spare cash to spend on Advertising.  Having a tight budget taught me to be creative and I’ve been studying online marketing since 2005.

The online world is always evolving and it’s important for businesses to know where and when to spend money to get a positive return on the investment.  I was continually asked by friends how they should market their products and services online so after years of helping others I decided it should really be anextension of my business.

Online Marketing & Sales Funnel Creation is now part of the services

The Martial Games Blueprint

The first book I wrote and released was called “Martial Games For Kids”. It was an Instructors Manual filled with specific Martial Arts Games and Drills to be used while teaching kids Martial Arts.  Since it’s initial release it has been used by thousands of Instructors around the World in a wide variety of Martial Arts styles to help teach kids.

In 2015 I decided to make a large revision to the manual thanks to the feedback from the Instructors that have been using the Martial Games in their lessons.  With additional Marketing infomation and revised martial Games the new manual is now called “The Martial Games Blueprint”.

Currently the Martial Games Blueprint is on special and includes extra bonus material to ensure that Martial Arts Instructors can attract new students, retain existing students and grow the school of their dreams.

For more info about this manual and the bonuses watch… The Martial Games Blueprint Video

AJ’s Kids Books

These books were written to help Kids develop more quickly for their Martial Arts Training.

I released these books on Amazon in 2012 and they reamined the top selling Kids MArtial Arts books for 2 straight years. The secret to there success is the simplicty of the information and the fact that it works.

Instructors and parents have used these books to help young kids improve their balance, strength, co-ordination, flexibility and more. The results improve their safety during regular trainning because they are fitter and their bodies are more prepared to learn new Martial Arts Skills.

The books are available on in both Paperback and Kindle eBook formats. You can find out more about the books and read comments and reviews by visiting this website… Martial Arts For Kids Books